Dear PSC users,

Please be informed that the electronic CIC form on FIRE SAFETY has been arranged on the information system on PSC in the Russian Federation production site. The CIC will be held for three months, commencing from 1 September 2023 and ending 30 November 2023.

Please be informed that some symbols used while entering inspection data may interfere the print forms of PSC report due to the system data validation rules, showing empty raws instead of data entered or an error message. Please try to avoid using the following symbols:

  • symbols in Cyrillic: please use the Latin characters instead
  • long dash (—): please use the short dash (-) instead
  • number symbol (№): please use the combination of Latin characters N+o (No) instead
  • apostrophe symbol (‘): please use the double quotation marks (“ ”) or back quote (`) instead
  • quotation marks in Cyrillic keyboard layout («»): please use the double quotation marks in Latin keyboard layout (“ ”) instead

Error message here

Information message here